Things to Consider When Looking for a PCB Assembly Service

  • February 23rd, 2017
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Do you have a PCB design idea that you want to turn into a real product? Or you may already have made a prototype and want to mass produce it for commercial consumption? The best thing to go about it is to hire a PCB assembly service to do the job for you.

PCB assembly companies are not that hard to find these days. A quick online search can give you countless results to choose from. But before you hire a PCB manufacturing company that would cater your specific requirements, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind.

1.Start with your PCB design

Prior to looking for a supplier, you may want to finalize your circuit board design first. Use CAD software to create your design for the purpose you want it to serve. Do not worry if you feel that the design is not yet perfect or that there are still improvements that can be made. Actually, there are manufacturing companies that also offer free design consultation if you let them handle the fabrication process. Others even provide full service including the circuit layout.

The important thing is you are clear with what you want regarding your own PCB assembly. Revising or improving it can come later and you should welcome that opportunity.

2.Choose a reputable company

The service provider that you will work with should not only be competent. More importantly, the company should also be trustworthy and reliable. You don’t want to hire someone who will not provide the level of service that your product or design deserves.

Have a list of 3 or 4 fabrication companies and make some background checks. Check out their websites and find a list of their clients that you can call to inquire about their experience on the sand company’s services. Look for a company that has a proven track record of excellence, prompt services, and customer satisfaction. Read articles about them on the web to learn more.

3.Survey for competitive prices

Canvass for the costs of each one and compare them. When comparing quotations, be cautious about the prices they offer as too low can mean that the materials or its services are substandard. It is much better if you ask for a sample of a finished product of their work so you can discern their performance. Remember that prices alone are not enough to base your decision. Look for high quality products and services at competitive prices.

4.Prioritize quality

If you are really serious about your PCB assembly design, then you should put quality first and cost second. Or at least you should have a good balance between the two. It is perfectly fine to pay a little extra as long as the quality is excellent, instead of settling for a cheaper yet mediocre one.

This is especially true if you are representing your own company, as the quality of your products will have a great effect on your brand.

5.Give them your design and ask for suggestions

Once you have chosen you preferred supplier, you can now show them your design. It would be wise to consider their suggestions before going into mass production. Listen to what they have to say and weigh it according to your inclination. Besides, you will still have the last say whatever happens.

6.Ask for a sample first before mass production

This is perhaps the most important tip in this article. Before moving on to mass producing your circuit board design, ask for a finished sample of it first so you can make a final approval. If you are ordering hundreds or thousands of PCBs, then it should be sure to avoid re-fabrication and redundant expenses. Check carefully if the sample finished product is consistent with your design.

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What Custom Patches Truly Means for Bikers

Patches have long been associated to motorcycle clubs before its modern uses have even been established. In truth, these clubs are the first ever ones that incorporated the use of custom patches in their organization to serve for various reasons. These include providing and establishing the identity of the motorcycle club and its members, recognizing a member’s accomplishments and representing the significance of the patch for each biker.


It’s long been established that motorcycle emblem’s primary purpose is to denote a member’s affiliation. But beyond that, it also holds a deeper significance for the club. The big question now is, more than having a jacket emblazoned with patches showing their biker’s club name, emblem, chapter and accomplishments, what does wearing it truly mean for the bikers?

What Custom Patches Truly Mean for Bikers

All members of such clubs do have a particular reason why they wish to join and become a biker. It could be because it offers the perfect opportunity to express their individuality and passion and show their patriotism. Or because they simply want to belong and be a part of a club which everyone finds cool while serving a deeper purpose.


Regardless of the reason, a custom patch may represent a different significance for every biker. Consider Paul Elshoff. He is a motorcyclist and the founder of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, Winnipeg Chapter. For him, his Southern Cruisers Riding Club Patches  represents his freedom.

It represents his freedom to live in Canada where he enjoyed and chose to join an organization he prefers. The custom patch also means having the freedom to own the vehicle he can afford and ride it anywhere he wants to without needing to ask for permission. It represents all those freedoms which most people now take for granted. More than the opportunity to become a motorcyclist, the patch signified how blessed he is to have lived in this world and get the chance to protect the said freedoms above.

A Chance to Establish a Sense of Community with the Other Bikers

Becoming a member of a motorcycle club is already a means to feel that sense of belongingness. The custom patches that represent the club simply help in further establishing that. Once that sense of belongingness is established, your sense of camaraderie with the others will follow through.

These are just among the many benefits of joining a biker club, which you will further build and enjoy every time you are on the road, riding with your fellow riders. Of course, riding with your fellow riders also significantly improves the experience than when you are traversing those roads on your own.

A Memento

The motto “Once a member, always a member.” ultimately applies to these bikers. No matter how old they get and even when they get to the end of their riding experience, they will always remain a member of the bikers club. You have your biker’s jacket embroidered with emblems as a proof of that. It also serve as a great memento that will let you remember those days when you are still riding with your fellow bikers.



A Remembrance of the Happy Times and Riding Experience

Becoming a member of a biker group means getting a lot of wonderful experiences not just during the rides, but also whenever you are with the rest of the group. And these experiences are further enriched with the collection of patches you get to add in your biker’s jacket. Every patch you add in your jacket commemorates a specific experience that will serve as a proof not just of your accomplishments, but also of those happy times associated with it.

Based on what’s stated, it can now be concluded that the custom patches being worn by bikers are not only significant for the recognition it provides. These parches are also significant because it holds memories that bikers will forever be reminded of through the visual proofs they have collected along the way.

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