Explore and Enjoy: The Essence of Arts and Crafts

  • July 15th, 2016
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We create for different reasons – for safety, for convenience, for comfort, for fun. We invent to satisfy our needs and/or wants. Our ability to create is innate. Nevertheless, this inherent ability must be nurtured for us to witness its full potential – our potentials.

artFor the last two decades, we have seen how technological advancements revolutionized the ways we create things and expanded the kinds of things we create. The World Wide Web became an efficient platform for sharing ideas, information, expertise and creations. You can make many things just by using your devices and the programs or applications installed therein. However, with today’s hyper-connected and device-driven society, it would be nice to unplug from time to time? Isn’t it delightful to go back to the basics such as indulging in arts and crafts¬?

Arts and Crafts Defined

craftThe arts and crafts are broad terms encompassing creations from an array of fields. You can also classify them as activities that could be recreational in nature, revenue-generating or both. Hobbyists treat arts and crafts as a goal; artists regard them as life essentials. There are other definitions out there. It is actually up to you how you will define the terms. Don’t worry. There is no such thing as right or wrong definition of arts and crafts. After all, these are not intended to be defined. They are meant to be enjoyed.

What makes arts and crafts a worthwhile addition to your life is the fact that most digital creations will not give you the pleasure from seeing and touching a tactile product. Take e-cards as an example. You can customize your digital greeting card with photos, stickers and texts in a matter of seconds. Afterwards, you can send that as a virtual gift to a friend. However, isn’t it more pleasurable to send and receive a gift that took time and effort to make? Creating a gift from scratch is more thoughtful, isn’t it?


To start (or reintroduce yourself) with arts and crafts, all you need is the right attitude. Some beginners may have created fine-looking artworks when they were just starting. However, it takes a lot of extensive practice and several unsatisfying creations to become better at making arts and crafts. If your initial creation fails to please you, you can always try and make another. Do not be disheartened so easily.

Resourcefulness and imagination go far in your venture into arts and crafts. There are no prescribed raw materials when you want to create an art. Additionally, the use of materials for the arts can’t be confined into one area. You can make decors out of indigenous materials, such as twigs, barks, leaves, flowers, shells and rocks. As for beads, they are not limited for the creation of bracelets, necklaces, anklets and even earrings. You can sew beads into shirts or attached into shoes. Explore different methods and try a variety of materials.

Tools are helpful, too. These tools include scissors, cutter, glue, adhesive tape, yarn, threads and the like. Instead of tossing out old appliances, why not reuse them for your creative pursuits as well? For instance, you can use an old blender to recycle paper wherein pieces of paper, water and glue need to be mixed well. Nonetheless, tools are not limited to school supplies, scrapbooking materials, sewing materials and old appliances. You can use kitchenware, empty bottles, old hangers, various containers and so on. Even determining tools take some creativity.

Have you ever wondered why proficient artists and craft-makers don’t always create remarkable products? Producing unimpressive pieces of art does not make them fraud. It only makes them humans. They are bound to drain their creative juices every once in a while and that is fine. To get their creative juices flowing, they either engage or disengage with their work. To engage means to continue, to get rid of creativity issues by enduring it. To disengage, on the other hand, entails leaving the creative pursuit for a while. Some disengage by relaxation. Others try to find inspiration by traveling, reading, browsing the web, socializing and simply, going out of the house or work area.


Your purpose for trying out arts and crafts does not have to be elaborate. If you just want to do it just because you have nothing else to do, then that will be fine. It is a start, actually. Draw, paint, sew and wrap things are some of the activities you can do that will not take much time nor require expertise.

In addition to personal recreational activity, arts and crafts can also be a great family bonding activity. It will surely be a hit among the kids. You can incorporate the activity in their playtime as well. Crayons, water color, play dough, crepe paper, stickers and laces will add not only colors to your artworks, but fun, too

If you want to engage into arts and crafts for the sake of creating things, you are even more welcome. There are plenty of things you can try like knitting, crochet-making and basket-weaving.  You can also add some life to your wall hangings by tweaking them with the use of indigenous materials.

Aside from your artworks, sharing your knowledge about a craft you have mastered is also a wonderful idea. You may be able to find like-minded individuals easily once you go online. You can find them on forums or social media sites. If you want, you can let them find you on your own platform. With the help of service providers like us, your platform becomes one step closer to prospective arts and crafts creators.

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